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Free shipping on orders over $110
Free shipping on orders over $110

Glue Masters Cyanoacrylate (CA) Premium Thin Super Glue - 2oz Bottle with Protective Cap

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FREE Shipping on Orders Over $110!

Product Description

  • Highest purity super glue with best distillation on the cyanoacrylate market.
  • Ultra Thin viscosity of 05 cps in a compact 2oz bottle that is enough for any small project around the house or you workshop.
  • Fast curing speed of 10 seconds for an almost instant assembly time. True structural gap filler.
  • Extremely versatile in application, use it as: shoe repair glue, modeling glue, furniture repair glue, leather repair glue, wood glue etc. Perfect for a wide range of materials - from wood to metal and glass.
  • ORDER NOW with a piece of mind due to our 100% Better Than Money Back satisfaction guarantee. No catches. See product description below for more info.

Your search for the ultimate super glue is over!

When you purchase Glue Masters Super Glue here is what you should do. When your package from Amazon arrives at your door, open it first chance you get. You now have in your hands 2oz bottle of the only ca glue solution that you will ever need.

Now go apply it! Even if you do not have an immediate project that you can use it on, we encourage you to go ahead and test it, because you will be amazed!

Perhaps that is why most renowned woodworkers always keep some of it in their toolkit. We use the best monomer resin that are purified by the most thorough distillation process. The highest degree of refinement is what makes all the difference, that is what allows our glue to work on the widest range of material.

It's because of this we are able to make a guarantee unlike any that exists for this product type! We call it a Better Than Money Back Guarantee, and here it is:

Try out the GlueMasters CA Debonder for 60 days. If during that time you do not feel it was worth every penny of your investment today, we will give you your full payment back not questions asked.

You are protected by this guarantee if you used one drop of it or the whole thing! That is how confident we are you will be happy and keep coming back for more!

So order now and when you do, consider two : one for your home and one for your shop, or get one for your best friend as well!

Warning: Please practice safety rules. When using our products please wear eye protection, rubber gloves, mask and work in well ventilated areas. Keep product out of reach of children.