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Free shipping on orders over $110
Free shipping on orders over $110
Buying CA adhesive for business?

Buying CA adhesive for business?

Gluemasters™ of Washington started with our signature line of CA adhesives in 2014.

Gluemasters manufactures and markets a wide range of high performance, high technology speciality adhesives for specialized product assembly and other manufacturing applications.

If you have a cyanoacrylate adhesive step in your production cycle – we are here to help.

We offer best in class adhesives for projects ranging from small fabrication to large scale construction work. 

Our customers are fabrication, repair, 3d printing, sign and print shops, furniture repair and manufacturing facilities and many more.

Pro Line with 16oz bottle capacity

Our Pro Line features 16 oz containers with 4 distinct viscosities: 05, 100, 700 and 1500 cps. We make sure that in every batch viscosity rating stays consistent so that our clients can rely on predictable and assured performance during their manufacturing cycle.


Detailed products specifications


Viscosity precision

We manufacture our glues with ~50 cps viscosity tolerance using a batch process. From one batch to another we test our product to make sure that our viscosity stays within precision tolerance for every bottle of glue that we produce.


Striving for the so-called “zero defect quality” as well as the continuous improvement and further development of our certified quality assurance system, is regarded as everyone’s commitment in our company. Error prevention has priority over error correction. We test every batch leaving our company to ensure that our product quality stays intact for all key adhesive properties.

High Tensile Strength across all viscosities

We guarantee that the tensile strength of our product will stay above 4 mPA for the majority of applications.

Custom viscosity solutions for special applications

We offer custom solutions for clients that require special adhesive properties

High Tensile Strength across all viscosities

We guarantee that the tensile strength of our product will stay above 4 mPA for the majority of applications.
USA based

We are in Washington

Free Shipping

On orders over $110

Flexible production time

Customers highly evaluate our products!

Buy this, stop looking for other glues... stop searching, the answer is here.This is a highly effective glue! The bond strength is incredible. I started a furniture business and this glue is the heart of my business. I’ve since bought 9 bottles of this.... just this year!It’s an incredible product! So much super glue for such a fantastic price.

Amazon Customer

Works exactly as it should.

I do a lot of woodworking and normally I use traditional wood glue, however sometimes I do need to use quick curing glues like this product. I am pleased to report that the viscosity of this glue is exactly as advertised in the listing. I also like the fact that it comes in a large bottle so that I don't have to have a bunch of small tubes laying all over the shop.

A Partent

I love the large bottle

I have a sign business and this glue is perfect. I love the thickness and it gives me just enough time to adjust my placement before it dries. And the large bottle is great because I'm not constantly running out of it anymore.

Christy B.

Specialized Pricing and Discounts

We understand that each business is unique and faces its own challenges, so we will work with you to create a pricing strategy that will satisfy your needs. Provide us with your requirements and we will find the right solution.

To get specialized pricing leave a request!