Gravix™ Adhesives of Washington started with our signature Glue Masters line of adhesives in 2014. As cyanoacrylate specialists, serving different industries, we grew tired of weak offerings for a regular consumer market. We questioned the status quo of dilluted formulas, lack of viscosity variations and huge quality tolerances. Then we decided to change it.

Glue Masters™ line was born.

We stated purely on Amazon.com, quickly capturing #1 New Release in Industrial and Scientific category. 6 Viscosities, extra large offerings and superb quality - we hit the market hard. We talked to our clients, we kept on improving.

Our Tenets:

  • Less but Better - we keep laser focus on our core cyanoacrylate adhesive offers. We do not need an extensive product line.
  • High Quality - we lab test every batch towards our reference adhesive set. Never compromise on quality.
  • Industrial Strength - we bring the best formula and manufacturing practice from commercial applications to the consumer market. Only the best high - tech adhesives for your craft.
  • Customer First - we are here for you. We will work out all the challenges and will never stop serving.

Our Brand Journey and Next Big Thing

Launched our award winning formula with Glue Masters™ Cyanoacrylate Line of products.


Our First 5 star review second week after launch!


We hit #1 New Release in Cyanoacrylate Adhesives!


Opened new Reference Lab for raising our quality control bar even higher.


500+ Review Milestone. We are humbled and keep moving forward.


Future is here. Next level of Glue Masters™ evolution, bringing pro level of cyanoacrylates under GRAVIX™ brand line.