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Free shipping on orders over $110
Free shipping on orders over $110

About Us

What We Are All About

Gluemasters™ of Washington started with our signature Glue Masters line of adhesives in 2014. As cyanoacrylate specialists, serving different industries, we grew tired of weak offerings for a regular consumer market. We questioned the status quo of diluted formulas, lack of viscosity variations and huge quality tolerances. Then we decided to change it.

Gluemasters™ line was born

We started purely on, quickly capturing #1 New Release in Industrial and Scientific category. 6 Viscosities, extra large offerings and superb quality - we hit the market hard. We talked to our clients, we kept on improving.

Our Tenets

  • Less but Better - we keep laser focus on our core cyanoacrylate adhesive offers. We do not need an extensive product line.
  • High Quality - we lab test every batch towards our reference adhesive set. Never compromise on quality.
  • Industrial Strength - we bring the best formula and manufacturing practice from commercial applications to the consumer market. Only the best high - tech adhesives for your craft.
  • Customer First - we are here for you. We will work out all the challenges and will never stop serving.